Welcome to the Blair Day Show

Alright Everyone, it's time to start. Today is August 22, 2012. Tonight Will be the first aired show as a part of the INET Online network. The show will air this evening from 8 - 8:30pm PST. The show will include setting up my studio and may extend as late as 9pm. At 9pm the first show will be recorded which will air Saturday after our live launch. Be sure to check out our live performance which will include a formal introduction to me. Part of the online experience will be to have a chatroom which I will monitor when producing my live show. I am still trying to find the right host for it so I will let you know when I have more information. Be sure to tune in this evening you'll be glad you did.

Reaching the Crowd

I wanted to make sure that you can get a hold on me. Before we start get into anything I have to get connected. @TheBlairDayShow will hook you up with all of the special events and the information that you will want. Plenty of interesting information and tons of show updates. Just to give you a little insight. Most of my shows will be recorded content which means that I can edit them usually for length. Because we are dealing with television like system our Master Chief likes us to be at 30 minutes. When I ramble I can end up with a 40 minute show. So I need to cut some of the pauses or disruptions that I always get in my shows. If the demand is high enough I will post some of the funnier episodes on my YouTube for you to enjoy which will be additional content from any of my other shows. But for it to be worth the extra time that I won't be making anything for you need to be engaged in the content. For anyone that is looking for my YouTube page search for "The Blair Day Show" and my channel will be sure to present itself. Cheers, Blair